September 17, 2007

Orienteering at Long Bay

On Wednesday 29 th August Rooms 1, 7 and 8 went to Long Bay. We went by bus. We went in the morning. We went to learn about Orienteering and map reading.
When we arrived we got out of the bus and listened to Mr. Chapman talk about maps and the road. He said “ Don ’ t go into the sea or on the road! ”
We had a Group. It was Grace and Sian and me. We went round and round on the Course. We went to find all the clips. We ran on the Course.
I was tired because it was so hot and the grass was wet and muddy. We couldn ’ t find the clip because the last clip was hard. We asked someone where the Course was. Then we found the Course, but not the last part of the Course. Then Grace found the last course.
Then we all finished Orienteering. Everyone got back on the bus and we drove back to school. When we arrived back at school it was lunchtime. I was very tired! I think Orienteering is fun.

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