April 08, 2009

Rhythm Interactive

Eun ji
On Tuesday, year one, two and three went to the hall to learn how to play the drums. Two people were on the stage. They showed us how to do the drums. I was next to Nara and Craig. We had to copy the people at the stage.

We went to the school hall with year 1,2 and 3 and there were two people on the stage. They had the drums on the chairs. Then they did some tricks. It was fun.

On Tuesday all the juniors went to the hall because there was a show. There were two people on the stage that we had to follow. It was very loud.

In the school hall there were juniors. They were doing the drums because they were practising the drums. It was very funny, we could make the noises.

On Tuesday, year one and two and also three went to a show in the hall. We sat in the chairs. We played the drums. It was fine.


On Tuesday we were in the hall. We were sitting on the chairs with visitors on the stage playing drums.

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sonia albuquerque said...

Hello,Gabriel and friends!
I saw the picture of the school hall full of "musicians"!!!!I also read the reports!Very interesting!
How was it to play the drums?The sounds go deep in our chests,don't they?
There's a very famous group of drummers here in Brazil-"The Olodum".They play extremely well,and with wonderful rythm.
love,Sonia Albuquerque