May 20, 2009

Birds in Danger

The bird rescue lady came to our school on Tuesday. Her name is Sylvia Durrant. She looks after sick or injured birds. She helps them. She brought penguins, a sparrow and a morepork. She had a parrot, too. His name is Max. It was interesting listening to Sylvia.


sonia albuquerque said...

ARTHUR!What was that???it loks like a baby penguin????
love,Grandma Soninha

sonia albuquerque said...

Oh! Arthur!!!How I would have loved to attend such visit! I love little animals! do you know that besides our dog Capitu and the calopsita "maricota"we now have a "canarinho"(a "canary")that sings lovely and delicate tunes?!!!
love,hope to see you soon!
Grandma Soninha