August 17, 2009

Students about Milford School

Are you having a great time at Milford school, everyone? My name is Hannah Kang in room 2. I was a student in Milford school for 4 weeks. Satisfying with my time at this school, I met very good teachers and friends. I met Tracye and Mrs.S at ESOL. Also, I met Ms.Keen , my class teacher. At ESOL, I learnt that there are 47million sheep in New Zealand . I was amazed. I learnt about the All Blakcs, Maoritanga, Tarawera, Opo the Dolphin, and Marae. I recognized that there is many interesting historys and stories in New Zealand. Learning these things were pleasant time for me. And, in my classroom, I met many friends, like, Emma, Dana, Charlotte, Olivia, Yun-Jung, Joyce, Hyo-Won, and Beth. They were very kind and funny. I made good memories with them. Especially, Joyce, who helped me in many homeworks and things I have to do in my class, was very kind and was good friend for me. And, Mrs. Keen, you were very important teacher for me. Thank you for taking care of me and room2. Last, but not least, to Tracye and Mrs.S, thank you very much for teaching me with your effort. Teachers and students in Milford school, have a great time in this school and thank you for giving me times and chances to experience. I had wonderful time being in here. Again, thank you to all of you. All hours, minutes, and seconds at here was beautiful. by Hannah

I came here on July 28th. I met Cindy, Shana, Natascha, Marry and Maggie. Cindy is a Korean girl , Shana too. But Cindy came back to Korea on Friday. Ah~ I’m sad. Anyway first day I went to the class and Taylor helped me. I think that Taylor is kind. And I think that Milford school is great, because there are a lot of kind children, play ground , great teachers and good views. And I will go back to Korea on Thursday this week . thanks for help me, and I got many memories here. Thank you~ Maeve

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