December 03, 2009

Julian ,Yun Seo and Stephan at Milford School

My time at Milford School has been really good. I’ve made two best friends - Ella and Louise. My teacher is Mrs. Fisher. She is kind and nice teacher. I went to Athletics Day at school. I did a high jump and long jump. It was fun. But it was hard too. I wasn’t good at high jump and long jump. I went to dancing club for hobby at Milford School. I went to the school disco too. I brought $10. I bought two bags of cookies and one bottle of water. I gave one bag of cookies to my sister’s friend’s brother. I bought the finger flash too. I bought the white one and gave Jae a blue one. Every Friday, juniors and seniors go to our school hall for Assembly. I like Assembly because I like to sing. I also go to ESOL. Mrs. S. is my teacher. My friends were Inmoo, YoYo, Stephan and Andrei. Tracye is Mrs. S’s helper. They helped me so much, so I wante to go to ESOL. First ESOL class was in Room 9. But we moved to another classroom which has a nice view, too. I helped her to move tables and chairs. I want to say “Thank you” to the teachers who helped me to learn English very well.


I liked Milford School. My favourite teacher was MR. Phillips. My favourite subject was science.
My best friend was Won. I think I met good teatchers. I liked swimming in the pool and the lake. It's awesome. I had ESOL with Andei, Yo Yo Yun Seo and Innmoo. Mrs. S was my teacher. I HAD FUN.
En el colejio de milford my mejor profesora fue la sally por q siempre nos asia muchas cosas dibertidas como drama peliculas de mimos sin ablar axctuando con rap con amor con acsiones q no pueden imaginarse se pueden expresar lo q tu cientas lo q se te ocurra y cuando nos isieron aser una pelicula de acsion de de los romanos peliando contra los chinos en un desierto con las personas mas populares de el mundo.CUANDO asemos deportes ayi ai cricket t-ball.Cuando tenemos waterwise tenemos q usar cajac o aser botes con telas.Cuando llege al colegio mis amigos fueron el George el Chase el aly el Isaac el Henry y el Jack.
Cuando vine el primer dia a esol no sabia nada de ingles pero a estos meses ia puedo ablar mejor d lo q yo pensaba.hoidia tengo mi graduacion a las 11:00 de la manana y en la tarde voi a tener una disco pero solamente para los ninos de 5 basico.Cando sea navidad yo quiero tener unas ruedas para mi ripstick por q las mias estan todas rotas con ollos y con cosas nuevas para q pueda frenar mejor q antes.
I like Milford school, and I like playing soccer at morning tea time and at lunch time and I like swimming at the school pool and I like to go to the library and I like to go to the computer suite and It's was different from Indonesian school. My teacher is Mrs. Fisher and my class is at Room 3.
I like Milford School because it's very different from my Korean school.Milford School had a lot of good things.It had swimming pool ,I can do waterwise,large field.Korean school had one building.Ilove Milford school.My teacher is Ms Keen and I'm Room2.
I like Milford School because it has many beautifyul placesd.It has a swimming pool ,playground, computer suite,and basketball court. Now I can do waterwise and lots of sports.In Korean school it didn't have swimming pool or basketball court. I enjoy time and I enjoy Milford School.My teacher is Mr.Anderson and I'm room1.I never forget Milford School.

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