March 18, 2010


Sunday, 21 March is a Race Relations Day. Here, at Milford School, every day is a Race Relations celebration, as we have a number of students coming from many different parts of the world. We have children from Korea, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Serbia, Italy, Spain, France, the UK Iran, Iraq, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Ukraine, Russia, Tonga, Samoa, South Africa, Egypt… you name it.

At Milford School, we appreciate cultural diversity and are aware that the culture we grow up with, teaches us the appropriate behaviour for certain situations and enables us to interpret the behaviour of others who came from another cultural background. We have a group of Year 6 students who attend Multicultural Club every Tuesday lunchtime where they learn about other countries and from this year are learning how ho prepare food from the other parts of the world.

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