December 13, 2010

Students about Milford School

Min Jae, 8

I have been at Milford School since February 2010. I go to Room 8 and my teacher's name is Miss Clark. I have many friends in my class. I love Milford School because my teacher and my esol teacher help me a lot to learn English better. I am going back to Korea in a few days time. I will miss my friends and my teacher. I would like to come back to Milford school again.

Yun Seo, 11

I am an international student in Milford School. I like my teacher Ms
Keen and my ESOL teacher, Mrs S. When I go to Takapuna Intermeadiate School, I will miss my friends and the other teachers who helped me a lot. But I will miss Esol the most, because I learned many many things and improved my English skills at ESOL. Also, when I go back to Korea, I am going to miss New Zealand and I will never forget it!

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