November 09, 2011

Year 6 about Milford School

My name is Masha. I am 10 years old. I've been in Milford School since May 2011. I love Milford SChool because we do Waterwise every three weeks. I really like my class teacher Ms Boyd and my ESOL teacher, Mrs. S. We do all those cool things, like swimming, school trips, talent quest, sports. I am going to miss all that, but at the same time, I am looking forward to goining to TNIS.When I go to TNIS I am going to miss my teachers and cool activities and all my classmates.

My name is Polly. I came to Milford School in February 2011. I am a year 6 strudent. I love my teacher Ms Boyd and my ESOL teacher Mrs. S. I had a very good time at Milford School. I enjoy swimming, Gate Maths, Media Club and the cool activities that we have been doing. I am very excited to go to TNIS and I will miss my friends and teachers in Milford School a lot.

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