April 01, 2012

Grandparents Day

This is the writing by our year 2 students:

"At the hall, we sang a Maori song. Then we did a show of Miss Bunny. My grandad came." Etienne, Room 10.

"On Monday, it was our school Grandparents' Day. My grandparents didn't come. I wish they came. It was fun." Vicky, Room 10.

"At assembly, we saw lots of grandparents. We sang a Maori song, the national anthem, and Miss. Bunny. Even the junior choir sang. Some students played the recorder. I feel proud, because we tried very hard to be Milford stars." Jesse, Room 11.

"I felt a little bit nervous because all the grandparents were sitting and looking at us. I didn't want to make a mistake." Neda, Room 11

"I felt happy, but also sad, because my grandparents weren't there." Zara, Room 11

"I felt nervous because my nanna was looking at me. She smiled. We sang to all the grandparents. The people laughed when we put our hands up. My nanna sat with me." Katie, Room 11

"I was sad because my grandparents could not come. They all live in Austria." Ben, Room 11

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