June 09, 2013

Information Report - Polar Bears - Year 6

There are not many polar bears in the world because of global warming. Polar bears have thick, oily waterproof coats and two layers of fur to keep them warm and dry. Under their skin, there is a thick layer of fat called blubber. They also have wide paws with bumps on the bottom so they will not slip on the ice. Polar bears have webbed toes to helpm them swim in the icy cold water. The ice is melting and they cannot catch seals to eat, so they get very hungry. Yeas ago they had three cups and now they only have one baby cub. Some of the Polar bears are drowning because they get too tired with swimming. They have two big eyes and big wide mouth to catch seals with Yum! So lets try and save the Polar bears!
By Vicky Deng

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