March 17, 2016


Alicia, Ella, Richie, Daniel and Yat Long are coming to ESOL classes a few times a week. Most of them are new to Milford School. Here is what they think about us:
"Milford School is a very friendly school. Students and teachers are helping me lot to learn more English" My favourite classes are swimming and Waterwise." Alicia
"I love Mandarin, Art and Maths classes at Milford School. They are my favourite subjects. Students and teachers are very kind and ESOL class is fun." Ella
"Milford School is a great place to study. Everybody is friendly and helpful. Teachers are very kind." Richie
" This is my second year at Milford School. I love PE and Art. " Daniel
"I like Milford School. The teachers are good and they teach me so many things. I made lots of friends. My favourite subjects are PE and Maths." I am really excitead about year 6 Camp.My friends are funny and have a good sense of humour.

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