May 26, 2008

school disco

Last Friday night, all Milford School students came to school disco. Music, light, dance and some souvenirs were there. Year 1-3 came to disco at 5:30-6:50 year 4-6 came to disco at 7:00- 8:30. We wore the shiny special clothes, beautiful shoes and shiny bags. At 7:00, almost all students (year4-6) came to the disco and gave the tickets to their parents, and come in to hall. I came to the disco with Chae-won, Ho-yun, Hyo-won, Ho-yun’s older sister Sae ran, Chae-won’s neighbour Yue-na, and Jessica. We danced, sang, ate and had fun. We had a dance competition and Chae Won won it so the DJ gave her a present, a cute red hat that she is wearing on the picture.

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