March 02, 2009

Rangitoto Island

Last week we went to Rangitoto Island. We got into the ferry. I was at the top of the ferry. When we got to the wharf, I got out and we walked and walked. Sometimes we rested. First we went to the Kidney Fern Glen. I saw some little plants and we saw big trees. Then we came back and we walked again. There were parent helpers, teachers and the principal. It was dangerous. It took almost two hours to get to the summit. I was tired and I was thirsty. When I got to the summit, I was proud to me. There was a beautiful view. When we were eating lunch there were so many bees there. So the boys were screaming. I was scared, too. When we came down, I was hungry, tired and we had to wait for one hour. I was bored. When the ferry came to Rangitoto, I was happy, because I can rest at home. When I got into at home I lay down. It was a fun but tiring day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh!such an oportunity you had!going to Rangitoto island!...forget the difficulties and keep in mind the good aspects of the trip!I would have liked it so much!!!!But I live in Brazil,far...far away...

Sonia Albuquerque(Gabriel and Arthur's grandmother)