August 22, 2011

The 2011 Chess Championship

On 10th of August there was a North Shore chess championship from willow Intermediate school. Before the day we went to Mr.’s Vanes office for collecting Milford School jacket. Next day on 8.30am we drove to Wairau Intermediate School. First we helped to set it up the chess pieces. After we started first chess game, I was in yellow team. (There were three chess teams Red, Blue and Yellow.)In my first match I won and I was so happy because this was my first game. We had 5 more matches, and I won 4games and lost 2 games, I was really happy. We were in the chess final. Next day 8.30am we went to do final but sad thing was Red team wasn’t in the final. Blue teams got 24points and Yellow teams got 14 ½ points. We came second and Blue team came first and they got trophies. By Ted

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