August 18, 2011

Korean Visiting Teachers at Milford School

On Monday the 8th August, nine Korean primary teachers came to Milford School. They will be spending two weeks here. The purpose of their visit is so they can learn more about education in New Zealand and share their learning with their students when they get back to Korea. We hope they enjoy their visit at our school and learn a lot. The classes they are assigned to are as follows:
Y1 – Room 17 -> JungWon (Cindy) CH
Y2 – Room 11 -> YeonHee (Clare) CHUNG
Y3/4 – Room 9 -> JeHeon LEE
Y4 – Room 8 -> JuYoung (Ju) KANG
Y4 – Room 7 -> YeoJi HWANG
Y4 – Room 18 -> JeongShin YU
Y5 – Room 6 -> KyeongAh (Reina) KIM
Y6 – Room 4 -> MiKyong SHIN
ESOL -Room 22 -> Nari CHANG

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